Taylor, age 10


Miramar, Florida

It is because of Breanna Vergara that we’re thankfully able to share the story of our daughter. Taylor is not only a dancer at the same studio as Bre-Bre, but the two girls were also good friends. In the months after Bre’s passing, Taylor had occasionally felt tired, although she never complained once. Since she is an active child and a hardworking dancer who had experienced so much sadness recently, we found it to be completely normal.

In June 2015, we took Taylor to get an EKG done. The heart screening results came back abnormal and our 10-year old daughter was identified as being high-risk. Following strict medical instructions, she immediately stopped dancing and participating in any form of high-impact activity. Taylor was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, the same heart condition as her friend and now guardian angel, Bre-Bre. Taylor had a catheter ablation surgery to save her life. Upon fully recovering and being closely monitored with an additional four EKGs, Taylor was officially cleared by her cardiologist and resumed dancing two weeks after her procedure.

In January 2016, she took the stage for the first time in a regional dance competition. While she will still continue to be monitored for two years post-surgery, Taylor is proof that EKGs save lives! Our family is forever grateful to Breanna and to The Vergara Family. We are with you always and will support The Breanna Vergara Foundation’s mission of preventing sudden cardiac arrest in kids. We urge all parents to take their children for an EKG. Make an appointment today. Every day is a gift.